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Schemas: no such thing as bad behaviour

November 25, 2018

 Schemas, to me, are something that every early years practitioner should understand. As my previous post explained, our lack of understanding of what schemas are is what really leads to a complete misunderstanding of what young children do.


Practitioners who come to me for advice, often have many of the same questions and concerns. They are usually to do with children who misbehave, children who don't have any interests and children who don't know what to do during free flow. Think of your own setting, there is always that one child that you don't know what to do with because they would rather climb onto every surface or throw every object across the room instead of engaging in an activity.


I can tell you now, that nine times out of ten, these issues are not down to the child but they're down to practitioners not understanding schemas. These children aren't misbehaving, they do have interests and they certainly know what they are doing during free flow. Just because a child isn't playing conventionally, does not mean that they are not playing. These children are doing more than playing, they are understanding the world around them by exploring, inventing, testing and theorising. What more could we want from our children than for them to be confident, resilient learners!


That's why during my upcoming webinar we will not only look at the theory and practice of schemas, but we will look at how they link to loose parts play, why they're often misunderstood for bad behaviour and how we can use schemas to positivity impact on the learning taking place within our settings.


Join my upcoming webinar here!





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