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Do you even know what pedagogy is?

January 31, 2018

In the early years sector the environment plays a key role but did you know that there are three strands to an enabling environment and one of those is the emotional environment. It seems that many of us are lost in the barrage of images we see on social media depicting what one person sees as a beautiful environment.  An early year’s environment isn’t about having all natural furniture, top of the range resources or even loose parts and authentic resources. It is so much more than that!


Do some of us even understand the reason behind the environments we provide? Or have we, as early years teachers, turned into interior designers? Now, I am not for one minute saying beautiful environments are a bad thing, I am simply trying to encourage you to reflect and think about why you provide what you provide.


Furthermore, how often do you even use the word pedagogy. Research suggests that we are afraid of that word, many early years practitioners will never use that word in their life but phrases like loose parts and authentic resources are banded about all over the place. If you are really truthful, do you even know what pedagogy is? And, if you don’t know what it means you might find it useful to look into pedagogy a bit more, understand it,


understand your pedagogical stance and go from there. You cannot replicate someone else, you need to create your environment in a way that works for you, a way that benefits your children and the communities you serve.


So, next time you see an environment, provocation or activity that you like the idea of, think about how it fits with your pedagogy.  

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