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May 1, 2018

Open-ended Task


'Write yourself a wish list and consider what you can acquire for free, where from and how you may fundraise to afford ‘bought items’.'


Please share with us your top 3 items to acquire below, if you have any images please share those too.

May 3, 2018

I found some old fence posts which will found on top of our shed. I sanded them down then painted one side with black board paint. They will used as ramps and also for mark making. I going to ask a local garage for old tyres which can be used for planting and water play.

May 9, 2018Edited: May 9, 2018

In our setting we have sent out a list of open ended / loose part material that we know can be sourced for free such as bottle tops, empty containers etc. We have also put out asks for authentic items such as a china set, pots and pans for the role play and mud kitchen. We also want to source some nuts and bolts for children to tinker with. For larger item that we sourced such as the play house we had fundraised by doing cake sales and sponsored events. We also had a family that donated the rest of the funds. The house has been used imaginatively by the children such has home, castles dens the list in endless.


The items we are currently looking for is guttering, authentic materials for role play and wood for wood craft

Task is the kind of work that is necessary to done and necessary to get the update of this task all over the office and other places of work. The little miss of the year has the stuff of the-essays.com review to get the best command on the review section and detail verse.

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